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Neurokeys is the e-Health Smartphone keyboard, with which you can simply measure your energy level by typing on your smartphone. Want to know how that helps?

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    The minimum phone requirements for Neurokeys are an iPhone 5 with iOS 11

    Your inner battery

    Energy. You don’t see it. But it affects us all. Every day. Especially if you have a condition like MS. You know exactly what the status of the battery of your phone or your car is, but how do you know how full your inner battery is?


    Knowing your personal energy level is very important because it says a lot about how you feel, mentally and physically. If we can make this more transparent, we will eventually better understand and treat diseases such as MS.

    • Just by typing

      Do you perhaps make a bit more typos when you're tired? Without any extra effort, you will always know how full or empty your inner battery is.

    • Completely safe and anonymous

      Rest assured, it is completely anonymous and we never look at what you type. With smart algorithms we only analyze how you type.

    • Contribute to science

      Together we will learn more about what energy means for someone. This way, we will better understand and be able to treat diseases like MS.

    The Neurokeys keyboard

    With Neurokeys you simply replace the keyboard on your smartphone for the Neurokeys keyboard.


    Neurokeys can be easily installed and will only take a minute. After installing our intelligent keyboard, you don't have to do anything else, except continue typing as you always did.


    Rest assured, it is completely anonymous and we do not look at what you type. With smart algorithms we only analyze how you type.

    But how does it work?

    By analyzing data about your typing behavior and, for example, the number of steps you walk, we can recognize patterns in the data. Based on these patterns, we gain insight into your energy level and how that changes over the day.

    • Typing behavior

      You might recognize it; if you are tired, you make more mistakes while typing.

    • Sensor data

      By adding this we can, for example, see if the weather affects your energy level.

    • Health data

      If we know how many steps you take, you will get even better insight into your energy level.

    Others about Neurokeys

    Together with scientists, researchers and a first control group of users of the app, we are continuously developing. Read a number of reactions from some these users below. Download the app and join us!

    People with MS are very willing, sometimes even eager, to help find the cause of their illness. Neurokeys allows everyone to participate, regardless of distance, time or mobility challenges.
    Karen - Project leader MSweb
    The beauty of the Neurokeys App is that it literally only takes 1 minute of your time to install the App and you immediately start contributing to science!
    Thomas Sanders - MoveS Foundation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We can imagine that you still have some questions. After all, we have already been working on this with our programmers and scientists for quite some time now. We have listed some of these commonly asked questions for you.

    • Will I notice a difference while typing?

      Yes and no. It may be that you have to get used to it a bit because a key is just a bit bigger or smaller than you are used to with your standard keyboard.

    • How is my data secured?

      Privacy and safety are our top priority. Apart from encryption, the anonymous data is stored in a heavily secured environment.

    • What does "anonymous" mean to you?

      We do not store personal data such as name and e-mail address. We also do not keep track of any letters or numbers during typing, so we never see the content of what you type.

    • How do I help scientists?

      We use your anonymous data within our research. By analyzing large amounts of data, we want to better understand the differences in peoples energy levels.

    • Is Neurokeys for everyone?

      Yes, it's about recognizing patterns in energy levels. To investigate this, it doesn't matter whether you have a diagnosed disease or not.

    • Why is Neurokeys free?

      Very simply, if we can use your anonymous data for our analyses and scientific research, that is more than enough.

    Do you have another question? Have a look at our Knowledge base or chat with a member of our team.

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      Join us too!

      We believe that 'energy' is the key to a healthy and happy life. After all, the amount of energy you have affects us every day.

      For many people, having energy is something that goes without saying. This is often not the case for people with a disease like MS. That's why it is important that we collect such data to better understand this. This way, we make 'energy' measurable and understandable together.


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